It has been found that everyone, including both the genders; males and females, are tired and sick of body hair, and they are in constant search of finding easy and pain-free methods of getting rid of body hair. No doubt, there are a lot of ways to remove body hair, like:

  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Threading
  • Laser hair removal

However, amongst all, the most satisfying option of all of them is laser hair removal, as it is a permanent solution and painless as well. Though it is quite expensive, so everyone can not afford it, other methods are also a good option to opt for.

Waxing is used mostly for legs, arms, back and other body parts, fine point tweezers, and threading is mostly used for facial hair removal.

Body hairs you should not be Plucking!

It has been observed that people often use tweezers to get rid of some other body hair as well, though you should strictly not use them for a few particular places even if you are using the best tweezers for hair removal.

Keep reading to find out the areas where you should not use tweezers.


Plucking grey hairs has always been considered a not-to-do thing as it is believed that it leads to the growth of multiple grey hairs.

Also, plucking grey hairs can damage your scalp. When you pluck grey hair it forces stress on your scalp, thus damaging the hair follicle, and it can also result in infection and scar formation. In a worst-case scenario, you can have a bald region there, if your follicle sends the wrong signals to the network.


Plucking your armpit hair is a bad idea, as it’ll be really painful and neither does it offer a long-term duration. You can go for other hair removal options for armpit hair removal.

Using a tweezer for getting rid of armpit hair will be a long process, and will hurt a lot more than waxing or any other available option.


Here’s a suggestion, never ever try to pluck your nose hairs, as it can hurt your inner nose real bad, and it is not safe to do so.

If you use too much force, you can end up hurting your nose internally, which can lead to bleeding as well. Moreover, plucking nose hairs is very painful.