The perfect pair of tweezers for any task can be found in your everyday carry pocket knife. Depending on what you need them to do and how well they work with the other items already present at home or work, it is the best tool.

Tweezers have been around since the 7th century BC!

These simple hair removal tweezers were useful tools for all sorts of purposes, from pulling out splinters to preparing specimens in museums.

Tweezers are an essential part of any beauty routine and for good reason. They can be used to shape your brows or perform first aid on small objects like hairpins so that you don’t ruin them with dirtied hands!

Reasons you need tweezers in your Skincare Routine!

Here are some reasons to add or use Majestic Bombay surgical tweezers in your beauty regime.

To Shape Eyebrows:

Tweezers have been used in the beauty industry for centuries to shape eyebrows and remove hair.

Professional estheticians generally recommend using slanted tip tweezers, but if you want your clean crisp lines then pointy-ended ones will work best!

Make sure they’re easy to grip so that even those shortest hairs can be grasped securely with no fallout during the removal process.

To Remove Ingrown Hairs:

Many people use tweezers to get rid of unwanted body hair, but men should not do this. The metal tool can easily cause infections in their nose and mouth if they aren’t careful with how much pressure is applied while plucking out these hairs!

Tweezers are an important tool for removing stray hairs. The best tweezers to use when performing these tasks have pointed tips, so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself by pushing too hard on your skin or fences, but they should also be cautious because if one breaks while digging deep.

To Remove Splinters from the Skin:

When you need to remove a splinter, make sure that the tweezers have pointed tips and wide handles. This will reduce skin irritation from tugging on fragile bones in your fingers or thumb!

For Nail Art Details:

Tweezers are the best tool for adding small details to your nail designs and makeup looks. You can use them in many ways, like decorating with striping tape or studs; applying sequins, beads & rhinestones.