When we think about hair cutting accessories, what equipment immediately strikes our mind? Scissors, razors, trimmers. These three are the most common and regularly used tools to cut hair. But do you know that there are so many hair-cutting tools available out there?

Professional hairstylists use a variety of tools to provide their clients with desirable hair outcomes. Before doing anything to your hair, they always have a moment of conversation with their client. It is not necessary that every time a client would be satisfied with their opinions. That is why it is good to have knowledge about different hair cutting tools and sound like a professional hairstylist.

Five basic hair cutting tools used by hairstylists and Barbers

Here are the five basic hair-cutting accessories which are almost used by every hairstylist and barber.

Razor Comb/Straight Razor – Cutting hair with the help of a razor provides a good amount of texture and flow to the hair. It is because razors don’t cut your hair in a straight line. On the other hand, razor combs are quite easy to use. It completely depends upon your stylist which one he wants to use. Both the tools are used for cutting hair.

Scissors/ Shears – Scissors are the fundamental and common accessory that is used for cutting hair. The best professional barber scissors are different from the normal cutting scissors. Hair cutting scissors are specially designed for cutting hair purposes. Their fitting and design also vary from the normal scissors. They usually range between 5-7 inches.

Talking about shears, they are very sharp and crafted to slice right through without bending or folding the hair. It is a must for shear to stay in tip-top shape to provide a precision haircut.

Trimmers/ Edgers – Trimmers and Edges are used to clean unnecessary hair on the edges of haircuts, necklines, hairlines, and beards. They give a haircut a more clean and precise look.

Though the edgers and trimmers look similar in design, the length and size of the cutting blade differentiate them. The edger has a bigger blade whereas the trimmer has a smaller blade size.

Hair Clippers – Hair Clippers are mostly used to make shortcut designs. Military Haircuts and fades can be created with the help of hair clippers. Its working is quite similar to the scissors. Two sharp razor combs move back and forth against each other to cut all hair that comes among them. With the help of an electric motor, the blades swing back and forth from side to side.

Texturizing Shears / Thinning – Thinning shears are quite similar to cutting shears. There is only one exception: they have teeth carved out on one and both blades. It helps in making hair more soft and texturized ends.

Shears also come in different designs. Thus, the cutting outcome and style may vary from style to style and hair as well. Shears are also used to make the hair more voluminous and give them a good bounce.

Every hair-cutting accessory has its specification. The equipment which you choose to cut your hair will decide the entire outcome after cutting.