Well, this question has probably come across in all our minds about whether we can cut our hair with regular scissors or not. However, the function of both scissors is to cut hair. But it is not advisable to cut your hair with a regular scissor. The best professional barber scissors are only recommended for cutting your hair. As a hair professional, this is something that all hair stylists already know.

Regular scissors are not suggested to cut the hair because they cause pain, especially while trimming. This aspect states how professional hair-cutting scissors differ from regular ones. To learn more about their differentiation, go through the below-listed points. These points will help you understand what makes professional cutting scissors more adequate for cutting hair rather than regular scissors.

How are Professional Barber Scissors Different from Regular Scissors?

The Edge of the Blades of the Scissors to Cut Hair: No matter what type of scissors you possess, their blades will always have a certain sharpness level. Because eventually, they are two-bladed knives to cut things. While cutting hair with regular scissors, you will observe that when you apply pressure on the handles of the scissor to cut the hair. The hair will automatically start moving. As a result, it will turn out uneven cutting, split ends, and weird misplaced chops. On the contrary, when we talk about professional hair scissors, you will obtain a straight and even haircut. Thus, it is suggested to have a hair cutting scissors kit to perform any hair styling or hair cutting.

Handles of the Scissor: The scissors’ handles are also known as finger brows. The finger brows of the professional hair-cutting scissors are of the same size. Both brows come circular. It assists in the easy holding of the scissor and cutting hair smoothly. On the other hand, the handles of the regular scissors are pretty big. Therefore, cutting the hair with regular scissors becomes quite tricky and challenging. This way, we can say that professional scissors are best for haircuts.

Size of the Blade: The blade size of regular scissors and professional cutting scissors varies. The difference can be seen while comparing both the scissors. Hair is extremely light. Hair scissor blades are narrow and thin. Thus, they require a small-sized blade to cut them properly. On the other hand, regular kitchen scissors possess wide, thick, chunky blades. The perfect blade size will provide you with an ideal haircut.

The Quality of the Steel of the Scissor: Scissors-like kitchens and crafts are usually made from carbon steel coated with nickel and chromium. It prevents rust from forming on the metal. And on the other hand, talking about hair cutting scissors. They are made up of stainless steel.

To Sum Up – Although both the scissors possess the same functioning, they have different pros and cons. Thus, it is recommended that you use professional hair cutting scissors to cut the hair professional. It will provide you with a clean, professional, and even haircut. In comparison, regular scissors will not offer you that. We have discussed the different aspects of both scissors. It will help you select the best scissors for hair cutting.