Although the prime function of normal cutting scissors and professional hair cutting scissors is to cut. That is why most people think that all scissors are created equal. But this is not the truth. It is important to learn the difference between the two. Both scissors are designed for fulfilling particular needs.

A professional hair cutting scissors set is designed with a convex edge, which is a cutting edge that is slightly curved inward. This edge provides a clean cut with less damage to the hair shaft. Additionally, the blades of a professional scissor are usually hollow ground, meaning that they have been ground down to be thinner at the cutting edge. They are made with different types of steel and they have different types of blades. This allows them to cut hair much more efficiently than normal cutting scissors.

On the other hand, a standard cutting scissor is designed with a beveled edge and a straight edge that is slightly angled. This edge can damage the hair shaft and cause split ends. Additionally, the blades of a standard cutting scissor are usually not hollow ground, meaning they are thicker at the cutting edge. This makes them less sharp and more likely to dull over time.

In this blog, we will share the different aspects of both scissors that state the difference between the two. But first, check out why a regular scissor is unsuitable for cutting hair.

Why Are Normal Cutting Scissors Not Good for Cutting Hair?

You cannot attain the desired result if you go for haircutting with regular scissors. It is because ordinary scissors are not that sharp to provide a satisfactory result. Thus, it will not be wrong to state that regular scissors cannot be used for haircutting purposes; instead of a barber scissor hair cutting set.

Due to the availability of sharp and edgy blades, professional haircutting scissors cut the hair properly without pulling the hair. While on the other hand, the scissors used in the kitchen or for craft purposes cause split ends and remove many hair strands.

It will not be a pleasing experience for anyone who would have their hair cut with the regular scissor. Thus, professional scissors deal with regular cutting. Hair pulling can give birth to many problems, such as headaches, rashes, swelling, etc. Moreover, the skin of the scalp is susceptible. Thus, it is advisable to take such risks and harm your hair.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, it can be concluded that cutting hair with regular cutting scissors is the wrong approach. It provides an unsatisfactory result, pulls out many hair strands, and promotes split ends. These factors explain why regular scissors are not suitable for cutting hair. Thus, it is advisable to cut hair with a professional. If there is any emergency and there is no barber scissor available at your home, then you can use a sewing scissor to cut as it is sharper compared to the regular kitchen scissor.